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Maryjane is hot but skanky. She’s a dirty bitch and because of that we couldn’t finish the scene. We’ve shot some trash before but I couldn’t let my guys fuck this garbage can. Plus she had some difficulty taking the cock down her throat. She started wigging out like Michael J Fox on a roller coaster… so we just dumped some loads on her face and called it a night. Don’t get me wrong though… what we shot is incredible and I wish there was more of it. You guys will never know what it takes to produce a single scene for Ghetto Gaggers. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns!
Ghetto Gaggers

Relevant Maryjane Ghetto Gaggers Vid

Miss Brown is not going to be in porn a long time she just does not have the required skills the usual cock-smoking hoes at the Ghetto Gaggers black slut deepthroating gag and puke posse normally expect. This is a good video do not be mistaken but Miss Brown and the ghettogaggers did not really get on too well. Watch this class degrading movie and see just how cringeworthy Miss Brown is.

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